GORUCK Tough Completion Guide and Training Plan

GORUCK Tough Completion Guide and Training Plan


This ~75 page guide has everything you need to get your gear, your mind, and your body prepared to complete the 12 hour GORUCK Tough. This can be used as a stand alone training plan OR as a companion to a PATHFINDER training class! www.mettleforger.com 

*NOTE: These are in PDF format and will not work with an e-reader. Works on PC/Mac/mobile/etc

"Kirk is a beast! He absolutely knows how to physically prepare for an event. He and I spent a lot of time discussing metal preparation too as we both trained for our first HCLs. His training plan gives you the keys to both physical and mental preparation and is the most comprehensive plan I’ve seen. If you want a plan that gives you the full gamut of training, preparation, gear packing, etc. this is the plan you want."

- Lisa Stephenson (multi- HTL completionist)

This guide includes:

  • How to mentally prepare for the event and embracing the suck
  • Your first event? List of "noob" mistakes not to make! 
  • Strategies for before, during, and after the event to ensure success (what to eat, when to change socks, etc.)
  • Full gear breakdown: required vs. recommended, and how to set it up
  • The ONLY training gear required is a ruck, sandbag, and a pull up bar! 
  • Monthly, weekly, and daily challenges to push you out of your comfort zone!
  • A full, 3 month training plan with 30+ workouts, covering 150+ miles
  • Weekday sessions are typically ~30 minutes (3x a week) and weekend (1x) are ~1-3 hours. There are 4-5 milestone workouts/events that are ~4-6 hours.
  • Workouts are formatted as graphics for sharing so you can post your WODs to your friends and rucking partners!
  • Yoga to stay healthy


"I'd buy it"

- Lyell Peterson

"I like the challenges... They definitely get me out of my comfort zone."

- David Williams

"I hate you Kirk lol but thanks for giving me a target to shoot for"

- Eddie Vergara


- David Williams

"Awesome Challenge!!!"

- Lyell Peterson

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